A Day at More to Life


A Day at More to Life

If you’re an earlybird, 7:00am gently greets you with friendly smiles, the morning newspaper, and a hot cup of tea at More to Life. As more friends arrive to the club, jigsaw puzzles, magazines and conversation are found at individual tables throughout the common area.

Table games such as Bunco, Dominoes and Yahtzee start just before a delicious, healthy morning snack is prepared by our qualified staff. If you prefer, you could join the Morning Social instead of the table games and share photos, try your luck at trivia and listen to short stories. When the weather permits, we enjoy our morning nature walks. Our Veteran’s Group also gathers for billiards, sharing memories and photos of service days and movies. Each of our clients has their own cup with their name on it, as we are sure to stay hydrated here at More to Life!

Clients then regroup to begin our Mornings in Motion program. The daily agenda and lunch menu are reviewed just before the Pledge of Allegiance. We stretch our legs as we stand to salute our flag and a few patriotic songs are sung to honor our beautiful country. We may share a few stories for the morning, read some thoughtful quotes, tell a few jokes and have a few laughs before we begin a physical activity to strengthen our bodies for fall prevention and balance.

Bingo is a favorite just before lunchtime. As friends gather back at the tables, they have several choices for bingo such as traditional number bingo, sports and kitchen bingo, even weather and American bingo. Of course, these are just a few of the bingo games we enjoy here at More to Life. As an alternative, some of our friends gather for conversation, crafts or other table games before lunch. Once a month we also enjoy a no-bake Cooking Class during this time of the morning. As the games and activities come to an end just before 12:00 noon, and our bingo winners receive their Bingo Bucks that they may trade in for prizes, we ensure everyone has washed up for meal time and staff is ready to serve lunch.

Mealtime is relaxing and a time for nourishment and quiet conversations. Music can be heard playing in the background as everyone refuels their bodies with a choice of a healthy hot lunch or salad. Be sure to check out our monthly lunch menu for daily meal options.

When lunch time is over, you may find a short movie in the common area or small activity at one of our tables during Rest and Digest. This is also a great time for a game of Dominoes, our afternoon Walking Group, jigsaw puzzles for some of our clients or a short rest on one of our couches. Regularly you will also find various performers that come to share their talents such as The Sierra Silverstrings, Pet Visit, Accordion Players, Piano and guitar sing-a-longs and much more. As always, our monthly activity calendars are found on our website and our Facebook page so you won’t miss any of our upcoming events.

After everyone has gone for wash-up (answered the call of nature) and our cups have been cleaned and refilled with water for the afternoon, you may find a game of Wheel of Fortune, Laughter Hour, Scene-It movie trivia or a Talent Show starring clients, volunteers and staff. Tic-Tac-Toe, Bowling, Afternoon Yoga and Noodle Ball are other favorites as we get our bodies back into motion for more physical movement in the afternoon.

Socialization is very important and a big part of our day here at More to Life. Social activities such as Who’s Your Hero, Senior Lounge, Tea Parties, Birthday and Holiday Celebrations are an essential element to our daily program. Our More to Life Choir gathers in the afternoons as well as various discussion groups, pool and horsehoe tournaments, tea parties and memory activities throughout the month.

Another round of wash-up and sanitizing is done in-between afternoon events as we get ready for another healthy snack prepared by our staff. This is our most popular social time of all. Our clients take a break from the excitement of the day, as they renew their energy. In case you were thinking of stopping by for a visit during afternoon snack time, every Monday is Ice Cream Mundae at More to Life!

Throughout each day from morning to close, our activities respond to the Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual and Purposeful need of each of our clients. Staff and clients alike go home at the end of each day with their thirst for social and physical satisfaction quenched and their hearts filled with the bonds of friendships they have formed while spending a day at More to Life Adult Day Health Center.

Liese Anne Fraide
Program Coordinator at More to Life

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