Referral Criteria:

Program participants are at least 18 years old, ambulatory and not a threat to self or others. Most referrals come from current clients, Geriatric Physicians, Case Managers and Social Workers.

Program Application and Intake Process:

Caregivers may learn about our program and facility by touring our website or by calling the Director anytime to make an appointment for a free visit and client assessment.  In most cases a new participant may start the program within a couple of days after all required documentation has been received. Following their initial visit to our program, they must receive written authorization from their doctor and receive a negative result for the first step of a two-step TB test, which is available at More to Life. No long-term commitment is required. Pay-as-you-go but attending at least three days per week is highly encouraged to achieve measurable improvement.

Program Details:

To determine program costs, first determine the Level of Care required by the participant.

Level 1: Examples of Participant’s capabilities or needs:

  • Eats independently. No monitoring of special diet or medications.
  • Participates in group activities without special modifications or frequent intervention.
  • Needs occasional stand-by assistance to walk or transfer safely.
  • Uses toilet without assistance.  Mild incontinence is normal.

Level 2:

  • Requires regular supervision and/or assistance in social or personal care activities.
  • Requires frequent intervention.
  • Requires assistance with ambulation, transferring, toileting or feeding.
  • Requires special diet, medication or Oxygen.
  • Requires intervention due to frequent roaming or wandering.

Program Rates:

  Full Day
Half Day
7-12 or 1-5(no lunch)
Half Day Plus
7-1 or 12-5
Saturday & Holidays
Level 1 $59 $34 $44 $59
Level 2 $79 $44 $54 $79

Other Services and Fees:  Application fee $75, TB test $28 per test,  Shower $30, Transportation one way: $10  plus $1/mile over 10 miles.

More to Life is an approved MEDICAID and VA PROVIDER. Some individuals may have multiple conditions or specific needs which may require frequent staff intervention and supervision beyond Level II. All rates will depend on the assessment performed by MTL management.

Those who attend at least twice a week are much more likely to enjoy their participation at MTL. Some individuals who meet low-income and other criteria may qualify for financial assistance.

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