Financial Aid

Programs for Financial Assistance at More to Life

Seniors in Service Grant
Kim Fontz at (775) 358-2322

Alzheimer’s Grant
Stephanie Wardell at (775) 786-8061

  • $250 per quarter
  • Diagnosed with memory disorder, caregiver must live with care recipient

VA Grant
Rhonda Petree at (775) 829-5667

  • Must be enrolled at the VA. Call 775-786-7200, ext 1293 to enroll
  • If enrolled, see Primary Care Doctor and ask for “consult for Adult Day Care” and TB test.

Veteran’s Aid and Attendance
Melissa Hartman (775) 853-5700

  • A veteran may receive up to $1,732 per month. Married couple up to $2,054, spouse up to $1,113.
  • Must require the “Aid and Attendance,” age 65+ or totally and permanently disabled.
  • Must have served at least 90 days of active duty with at least 1 day during a time of war.

CHIP Waiver Program
Anna Olsen-Figueroa at (775) 687-0826

  • Age 65+, Medicaid recipient, income < $2,094/mo, assets < $2,000
  • Requires assistance with personal care

COPE Program
Anna Olsen-Figueroa at (775) 687-0826

  • Age 65+, NOT Medicaid recipient, income between $2,094 and $3,000/mo, assets < $10,000
  • Requires assistance with personal care

Independent Living Grant through ADSD
Jeff Dold at (775) 358-1988

  • Age 60+, NOT Medicaid recipient, target population are low income, minority, rural, limited English, in need of socialization

RTC Access Transportation (Mini-bus, door to door)
(775) 335-1903

MTM Medical Transport Management

Ken Riddle (702) 323-7706

Non-Emergency (844) 879-7341

  • Free Transportation (RTC tickets or driver) if recipient is qualified for Medicaid benefits.
  • Application online at

AFTD Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration
Mathew Sharpe (267) 514-7221

  • $500 per year for those that live with and care for a loved one with FTD.
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